Quality Wood Fences in Naples, FL, from Carter Fence

Carter Fence Company offers a range of wood quality, sizes, types, and styles of wood fencing. The beauty of wood alone is the #1 reason many people select this fencing material.

But that’s not all!

With all the advances in treatment, some of the earlier downfalls of wood have been decreased, such as warping and rotting.

Important information to ask when you request an estimate.

Is it stick built (piece by piece)? Or is it installed prefabricated in sections? Carter Fence never uses premade sections or panels. Instead our fences are stick built, piece by piece.

We build our fences to the toughest specifications. Our wood fence will stand the test of time.

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Carter Fence Company

3490 Shearwater St
Naples, FL 34117

Call, email, or visit Carter Fence Company today about your fencing needs in Southwest Florida. We have a variety of attractive, durable solutions to choose from when you need to protect your family, home, or business.

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