HOA Compliant Fencing in Southwest Florida

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Do You Need to Update Your Fence to Be HOA Compliant?

If you moved to a new neighborhood and wanted to install a new fence but are not sure about the HOA guidelines, Carter Fence Company can help you pick an HOA compliant fence. You may have lived in your home for many years, but your HOA just updated their guidelines and restrictions for fences around the neighborhood. You have to keep in mind, in a state like Florida; they are only doing it for your safety. Hurricanes can wreak havoc on your property, and your fence included. Carter Fence Company can help you update your fence to be HOA complaint when you call us at 239-353-4102.

Common HOA Fence Guidelines​

  • Fence Height Restrictions
  • Style and Color
  • Views and Visibility
  • Wind and Storm-Resistant Fences
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Considerations When Installing a New HOA Compliant Fence​

Carter Fence Company knows how frustrating it can be when your Homeowners’ Association notifies you that your fence is not up to date and compliant with their requirements. If you have recently installed the fence and are now being told it is non-compliant with your HOA, it can cause quite a bit of unnecessary drama in the neighborhood. Before installing any type of fence or enclosure, you should consult with your HOA about their restrictions and requirements. It can prevent stress and keep you from wasting money in the long run. If you have a fence at home that is non-compliant with your neighborhood’s HOA, call Carter Fence Company today at 239-353-4102 to learn how we can help.

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