Benefits and Considerations of Dumpster Gate Installation

Even small businesses can produce large amounts of waste. If you own or manage a business, you likely utilize a dumpster service for your waste disposal needs. While dumpster rentals are often the most efficient way to collect and eliminate commercial waste, placing a dumpster on your property can create a number of unique challenges.

In addition to the dumpster itself, you should also consider installing a commercial dumpster enclosure on your property. In this blog, we discuss the potential benefits of your new dumpster gate, as well as some considerations that you may have to make as you carry out this addition.

Benefits of Commercial Dumpster Gates

Installing a high-quality dumpster gate can provide you and your business with a number of potential benefits, including the following.

Improved Waste Containment

One of the primary purposes of your dumpster is to keep your business’ waste contained until it can be collected. However, not every item that your employees throw away will get to the dumpster in a neatly tied bag.

A poorly timed gust of wind or careless employee can lead to trash that ends up stuck in your hedges, trapped under parked cars, or blowing around your property rather than in your dumpster.

When waste escapes from your dumpster, the trash can be an eyesore, a threat to local wildlife, a potential hazard for your customers and employees, and even the cause of a littering fine levied against your business. With a dumpster gate, even if a piece of trash falls out of the dumpster, the item stays in the enclosure for easy cleanup.

Increased Property Appeal

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of commercial dumpster gates is beautification of the property. Dumpsters can look unsightly, especially when full. When you choose an attractive dumpster gate, you effectively hide your waste from view.

Reduced Criminal Activity

No matter where your business is located, you face the risk of criminal activity. Vandalism often affects dumpsters because they often stand away from building exteriors and outside the range of security cameras.

And if you’re located in a highly populated area, you might also have to worry about dumpster divers. If you have a graffiti problem or history of dumpster diving incidents, put your dumpster behind a locked gate to discourage criminal activity.

Reduced Animal Activity

If your business sits near a wooded area, you may have to worry about animal dumpster divers as well as human ones. A dumpster enclosure can protect your trash container from bears, raccoons, rodents, and other common pests. This safeguard protects the people on your property from chance animal encounters and reduces the risk of waste being strewn around the area by uninvited paws.

Security Against Illegal Dumping

When you rent a dumpster, your costs may depend on the weight of your waste or on the types of waste you throw away. Unfortunately, many business owners must deal with the effects of illegal dumping, such as fines or service delays.

When you install a secure dumpster gate, you ensure that only authorized individuals can place waste in your dumpster. Most businesses that have a standing dumpster agreement can benefit from a permanent commercial dumpster enclosure as well.

Considerations Regarding Your Dumpster Gate

While a dumpster enclosure may offer your business obvious benefits, these advantages may only be fully realized when you install the right one. Consider the following factors when you decide to install a dumpster gate:

  • Building codes and regional regulations. While most areas allow commercial properties to install dumpster gates, you may face restrictions imposed by your building commission, municipality, or state. Check if your access type, materials, placement, or size are subject to any regulations.
  • Disposal company access policies. Your disposal company must access the dumpster in order to collect the waste. Some disposal companies restrict the access type to ensure efficient collection. For example, your enclosure may need to allow for the truck to lift the dumpster over the wall easily.
  • Materials. The materials you choose for your dumpster gate determine the enclosure’s appearance, required maintenance, and durability over time. For example, while a material like chain link may cost less initially, you may decide to invest in a combination of an aluminum enclosure and chain link gate to improve appearance.
  • Placement. When you decide to install a dumpster enclosure, begin considering the placement. Make sure that the finished enclosure will not block the flow of traffic or the view of any signage.
  • Size. Your enclosure must be large enough for the dumpster to be lifted out and placed back in easily. Check the dimensions of your dumpster and ask a fencing contractor for recommended enclosure dimensions.

If you have questions regarding your specific circumstances, consult your waste disposal company or your fencing contractor.

Use the information in this blog post to help you decide if a dumpster gate is right for your property and where you should install it to ensure maximum benefits. For a full range of commercial fencing services, including dumpster gate installation in multiple materials, trust Carter Fence Company.

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